Thursday, July 12, 2007

29th July - 1st July - Budapest 三人行

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This is definitely one of the best trips yet... Sorry it took so long to blog in my entry for this beautiful city of beautiful people (yeah manz, beauties everywhere)...

Budapest is indeed the Queen of the River Danube. And if u all remember 熊天平's 爱情多瑙河, then yahz this is it. Thermal baths, gargantuan statues, citadels, castles and bridges, they got it all. Plus, they got beautiful people to boot :P Seriously, willowy ones. Woot!

XL, CJ and me.... I think this is our second trip together. First was to Salzburg. And I think the three of us really make a good team. One of the most enjoyable trips ever. I especially like how 3 of us can gel together so seamlessly, with our seemingly so different personalities.

I was flipping through the photos and I LOVE them. Think they were the best photos of ALL the trips I have taken so far. We did so many crazy things haha!! XL and CJ are superb choreographers and photographers haha!! So many nice shots of us. Seriously CJ, we should have just bought the camera stand at the Mediamarkt. And our lame-city seriously maxed out after the oh-so-soothing thermal baths! Our 成语 game seriously... Both of you ganging up against me lorz... Seriously... I will not forfeit one!! No, never! And of course, our late nights talks haha.... What lies within the 4 walls there, stays there ahz....

Like a verification of my theory once again, it's the people that counts... Like what XL said, the chemistry was there, and definitely not due to our budding chemist. I am so glad I have re-found 2 good friends :P

I think years down the road, when I think back, this is definitely one of those memories, I would cherish for the rest of my life.

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xin|i said...

haa.. did we agree yesterday that those 4 fours ain't really real walls? haa.. nah.. no worries =P