Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hallo World!

After so long into blogging, I finally realise people do read my blog. LOLX...

To the comp bio people, if u all still remember the photos we took right b4 i flew over, yahz i know that is like so long time ago, I have finally put it up!! Click here. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YEN CHING!! And to YT, sorry forgot to wish you Happy birthday ahz... haha... Make it up now. Better late than nothing :P Hope you all having fun doing your FYP, haha. I will be joining you all soon.... And I was frantically searching for my name in the list of people qualified to do FYP; until I saw "Computational Biology students will be informed separately"... So much for being a Science student...

To Hanxun, finally caught up with you after like eons of emailing... Seriously you ought to keep a permanent Email. Stop naming yourself after your beaus, I think you would be more permanent. Catch you when I go back... Have fun with your middle aged aunties haha!!

To BR lab, ex-BR labbers, if u all are reading this, I have not forgotten you all! Haha. Leeanna, pls if you need tuition, I can give you a discounted rate when I go back. I need tuition jobs. Let you be the first :P
To Uma, hey girl, hope you are doing fine in your work and finding your niche in the world and going overseas to study.
Kai-er, you there?!?!? Have you even gone over to your university yet? Which one you chose? You have like disappeared...

To the rest of the world out there who are reading my blog, HALLO!

It's just nice to know you are heard. lolx.

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