Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Yesterday and today seemed like a collage of things. Assorted. Compartmentalised.

There was YC's birthday; probably our last time at Hongkong restaurant. One of our favourite haunts definitely. Come to think of it, why didn't XL take photo with the lao2 ban3?!?!? Made YC a cake AND a card, hope he liked it :P It's funny how innovative people can get when u wanna do "clandestine" activities: passing a textbook to ask questions with the card behind then the person would act knowledgeable, after writing and says "Yah that's correct.." (JL dun even do engineering...) or messaging the person 5 metres away to say to go toilet, or trying to get a knife from a kitchen... Great fun HAHA
And where are the other photos ahz XL? The one with the heavily aroused YC!?!? And those with the single candle? Haha... Schnell schnell LOLX

Meine erste muendliche Pruefung was not so bad actually, though I think I totally freaked out before the exam. I had to calm my nerves down so much. The lecturer was nice b4 and after the exam but NOT during the exam. He looked so exasperated everytime I couldn't answer what he wanted me to; some of his questions were a bit vague siahz: after a series of questions about the structure of a protein (bio and physical aspects), he went on to say "What if I throw a protein in a solution, what will happen to a protein??" zzzzz... That is like how vague can? I mean anything can happen to it what? I poke around the question, and all the while I thought it was on proteins!! Until suddenly I got so fed up, I just spouted "It will move." It seemed to have hit the correct nerve.... zzzz.... I was so 'gek' when the question that seems so 'protein' turned out to be a question on Brownian motion.... His smoke bomb really very powderful....

But generally the only section I couldn't answer well enough were the thermodynamics questions. Haiz... Physics, immer the bane of my life. (the other sections were mostly biological). So I passed. Whew!

Came back. Listening to the National Day songs now. I kindda miss Kit Chan's voice. Seriously himmlisch... The lyrics were ok lahz... Though there was much debate at the dinner table yesterday. Just that I felt I dun really connect to the lyrics lahz.... "Home" (mandarin version) I feel is still THE classic. Kit Chan's voice is always acoustic pleasure.


xin|i said...

seriously i dun like the lao ban too much haa.. abit too bizman le.. Din u know jialing's an all rounder?! Esp. in engineering.. haa

jm said...

Seriously? Haha I wouldn't doubt now that you have said. People scholar lehz.. dun pray pray