Thursday, July 5, 2007


JMLeftBrain: Seriously, I think I need to study. Especially when everything's gonna come crashing down on me in 2 weeks' time....

JMRightBrain: There is always this 'but' that hangs around you and wunt go away when u want it to. Although it merely sounds like the 'butt', it seriously is an asshole... zzzzz.... BUT can I just take a break?

JMlb: Reap what you sow manz.

JMrb: I wanna believe in that but somehow, at the current status I am going, I would rather I reap what I didn't sow as well... Sighz.... And seriously it IS the last day with my speakers. So I have the excuse to listen to it the entire day right?

Cos seriously, I love my CREATIVE speakers too much... boohoo... I seriously think I am gonna cry. *sobz* So pls can I take a break?

JMlb: ...

Jieming: So now, heck the studying and enjoy the music!

**Martina is gonna be so freaked out by her unglaublichen Nachbarn!**

both by the monologue and the blasting..

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xin|i said...

ewige Trennung von deinen Lautsprecher.. bitte nicht weinen.. =P