Monday, July 23, 2007

Jug and Rug and Glasses and Tupperwares

I woke up to an idiotic message and moronic hornings from this stupid driver. Like as if the construction piling wasn't bad enough.

This message was from this person who was supposed to be my buyer for my jug and rug and she goes on to say that she has bought those over the weekend. She din even apologise or give me a message to tell me she din want my offer anymore, when in the first place she sounded so enthusiastic about them. I had to message her twice over for 2 days, PM her over the forum before she gave me a reply. Fortunately I haven't washed the rug for her yet.... Wanted to do it today. That would have cost extra money from the washing machine at the Wohnheim.

I thought it would have been the right way to just inform people when you have confirmed with the person already. It's just a matter of courtesy. Even if it's just a 1 Euro rug. And jug. So I think it would be a nicer world if people communicate: give Bescheid of things that were discussed and confirmed. You never know how much effort the person is gonna put into the things, or the anxiety or nervousness or whatsoever that comes with it. Just imagine if you were in that person's shoes. At least apologise lahz. That's the least.

Ok people who knows people or are the people who need these items, pls tell me thx

An IKEA rug, 60 x 90 cm

Filter-Jug with an extra unopened brand new filter included

For pictures, pls click the following link:

2 x glasses

2 x blue-capped Tupperwares

If you need to take a look at them, I could post the pictures up. But they are just very normal tupperwares and glasses.

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