Tuesday, April 17, 2007

080407 - Geburtstagsparty!

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Sorry for the very long delay folks! I know it has not been updated for a week now haha but have been really busy this week... With gatherings, meeting-ups, exkursions and school admin stuff... Viele viele Sachen zu machen... Tell you all in due time; more speed, less haste people :P

Let's start with my birthday party on, naturally, my birth day, 8th April. To all those who have sent all your SMSes and emails and e-cards and msn messages, thank you very much! You all really made my day! Haha, at least although I am on the other side of the globe, I felt not forgotten by my brethrens LOLX... And of course those who had already celebrated my birthday with me before I come over....
So here in Germany, we had a great time under the pretext of celebrating my birthday haha. But seriously, I more wanted it to be a mini-gathering of old AND new friends. We had quite a spread really. Chuanjie (Charles) made chicken rice and japanese curry, I did spaghetti bolognese and Chongwee potato-cum-egg salad. These foods fed me and Chongwee later on for the next 4 days' dinner. Hehe... But seriously the dinner was sumptuous.

Thanks to Deen for gracing the occasion and who brought my oh-so-awaited dramas and shows; Xuyan (MAndy) and Youyu for your wonderful gift, heard it and the meaning of the lyrics seemed to flow; to Lin Tao, my new friend in my Wohngemeinschaft (the place I am staying at) for giving me face and attending this gathering and lending me so selflessly all his cooking utensils (haha); Ernesto, my new Mexican friend, for coming and bringing me his hidden alcohol stash, authentic alcohol made-in-Mexico and Martin, the last guest of the day for bringing some atmosphere into the little gathering, after when he has, erm, drank a bit... ("abit" is an understatement; he finished half of the beer with 38% alcohol content)....

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