Tuesday, April 17, 2007

150407 - Before school starts...

Before Yucheng went off we met up again with one of the Singaporean students here: Jialin. Had lunch at the Hofbraeukeller Biergarten. Haven't been there before though I had eaten at HofBraeukeller for 4 times already.

Scorching sun, a little wind, superb pork and of course white beer equate a beautiful afternoon. You could never do that in Singapore.... Not with the humidity, no.
Then we had Xinli coming from Stuttgart with all her luggage just before school starts. Luckily Tipin and Yizhen (our most renowned couple :P), came as well. We called Chuanjie over and had a little gathering ourselves at the Chinese restaurant again...

This time however, we interacted more with the boss. My god.... The Hangzhou boss has actually a doctorate in German studies!!! He is the Chinese translator of the German work "Das Parfuem" ("the Perfume"), and he knows the Munich mayor. Hmmm.... It's really "crouching tiger, hidden dragon" siahz... He even showed us articles and books that marked his academic achievements.

Literature aside, the food in the restaurant was really superb and the service excellent too.... And needless to say his German was so fluent as well, haiz... It will probably take me some n years to reach that standard.

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