Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Pleasant Surprise

It's a wonderful day today. Met nice professors, nice people at TUM Garching campus. Hopefully, people would be as helpful and friendly as them...

Evening came back to a pleasant surprise: a belated birthday card from my long lost primary school friend, Russell! You cannot imagine how over the moon I was. We were best friends in primary 4 and lost contact after we were streamed to different classes thereafter. So it's 14 years! Can you believe it, almost a decade and a half! OMG! And he dint send it from Singapore wo, he sent it from Australia... That was sweet... Ok I am touched.... Very touched... And what astounded me was the fact that he found me via Friendster! And there I was thinking Friendster was some Thing that nobody uses anymore. Haha.... Ok Uma and Leeanna go ahead and gloat.

Pasted the card together with my Neuschwanstein postcard beside my bed's wall... I felt really really really blessed suddenly :p

Russell if u are reading this, THANKS A MILLION! Really made my day. We will definitely catch up when u graduate and come back from Australia. You can count on that!

Oh and check out the sunset scene from my room... This is the moment when you just stand by the window, look out and just breathe in the view. Life is always still full of good things, unexpected or not, isn't it?

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Liffeous said...

hello bro, jiejing here. studing for exams damn bored so i popped by (finally) to read a bit abt ur painful life in Germany.

looks great... lol i mean... it has got to be right? ya u've seen weimin, but i aint too surprised... :S anyway, the postage should reach soon, i guess. haha haf fun ... the family is well dont worry ...