Tuesday, April 17, 2007

110407 - First Contact

My very first visitor from outside Germany - Benja! Well, it was quite unprepared for, cos he just popped out one day and said he is coming over haha.... But it was a pleasant surprise indeed.
Took him and his friends, all of whom just came down from Zurich, to a meal at Hofbraeukeller, to eat some authentic Bayerisches German food. Ok I forgot, Bayern people are not German people, yes.... How racist! LOLX...
But yeah manz. Hope you all had a good time in Muenchen, though that day I was a little ill (damn the half-baked potatoes.... nvm)... Catch up when we go back Singapore...
And Han! You have a girlfriend liaoz siahz! LOLX... Am I late or what?

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