Tuesday, April 17, 2007

140407 - Neuschwanstein

Our day started off with us running to the HBF to catch our train haha... We had only 1 minute to reach the platform. So you could have guessed, we didn't make it at all... LOLX... Ended up with us whizzing in the cold morning air and sore thigh-down. Tired out even before we started our outing haha. The photo up there is NOT when we were coming back. We were heading to Fuelsen in the morning! You could see how tired we are hahaha!!

Neuschwanstein is the very castle that Disneyland Sleeping Beauty castle's concept was modelled after. And guess what, it was designed not by an architect, but a stage designer, Christian Jank. The castle was ordered to be built by King Ludwig II, for his best friend-musician Richard Wagner. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Munich; and please go to the Marienbruecke, for a breathtaking view of the castle with the waterfall... The castle because of its fantasy-like medieval design made it a favourite object of the cameras. And indeed, you will not be disappointed by it.... Sadly it was never completed after the unexpected demise of the King. Literally, Neuschwanstein means "New Swan Stone" because of Richard Wagner's famous "Swan Lake". Neuschwanstein is also one of the 21 candidates for the new 7 wonders of the world....
The other castle, Hohenschwangau, built by King Ludwig's father, King Maximillian, is often overshadowed, heavily, by the castle-out-of-the-fairytale... This is the first castle before Neuschwanstein and built in the town of Schwangau, near Fuelsen. It doesn't have the intriguing facade of Neuschwanstein but its shimmering gold and silver interior is most complete and definitely fit for a king.

A pity we cannot take photos inside either castles...

Be sure to catch some very scenic views in the area, especially when you can see the Alps and its snow-clad tops from there and the picturesque and scenic Alps lake.

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