Saturday, April 28, 2007

270407 - Fruehlingsfest in Munich

Deen, Jari, Linka, Maria, Jason, CW and me went to the Fruehlingsfest in Munich as well. Just to see how is it different from the Stuttgart's. It's definitely smaller than the Fest in Stuttgart; we walked like 3 rounds within 45 minutes. But it only occupied a very small portion of the Theriesenwiese, as compared to the Oktoberfest where the entire Wiese was filled. So the one in Stuttgart has really more to boast.

I tried another ride which I wanted to try in Stuttgart but nobody wanna. Here Jari and Linka wanna go too! Linka is Jari's friend, from Austria. Her German is very fluent too, like Jari... Oh how I envy haha... My German is always tongue-tied. The ride was cool lahz, got wet after that cos of the water. But I still find the roller coaster more exciting and thrilling....

We met at the Paulaner's tent for dinner. People were already making merry. There is this game where people has to climb up to the top of the pole. There was a band cooking up the atmosphere. In the second picture, the lady is wearing a traditional German dress called a "Dirndl" and men wear "Lederhosen". German men and women wear that especially during such occasions. I was late for almost an hour to meet them. Reason being I was cleaning the toilet and the bathroom... Ok dun diaoz me... I know it's lame.... Kenna scolded by Chongwee "flying his and Jason's pigeons"... Well, I thought it was my turn to do duty this week and I was cleaning my room and doing the laundry, so might as well. Din know I would drag so long.... Ok enough of that.... I offer you all an apology - sumimasen.
Maria and Jason left shortly I came. :(
The finale of the Friday's Fruehlingsfest is the FIREWORKS which we missed in Stuttgart and which I thought was nowhere like Singapore's (Singapore throws fire up into the sky like no need money one :P). Nonetheless, a little pleasant excursion to wind up the entire day.

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