Thursday, April 26, 2007

220407 - Fruehlingsfest

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Because we played "Ficken" yesterday till midnight, we woke up at about 11 plus :P Good night's sleep indeed.

Oh yes, Ficken = 'to FUCK'. So yahz... It is a nice game but I feel it doesn't bring out enough the anger and belligerence of the word. Oh but it was fun.

Morning breakfast was a Baden-Wuttermberg specialty - Maultaschen (literally = 'mouth bags'). It is very much like the 'wan tan' we have back in Singapore, probably a little more squarish. I like the breakfast, simple and tasty. There is our cook-cum-host, Ti Pin.

Fruehlingsfest (literal = 'Spring festival') in Stuttgart is said to be the next big thing after Oktoberfest in Munich. Well, since I cannot catch the latter, might as well attend the former. So here we have, the Fruehlingsfest! Super crowded and super cool! Check out the rides and food! Exactly like the kind of amusement parks. Just that here, it's cooler, bigger and people are more into such entertainments. There, we met up with Shuxian, Yizhen and Xinli and Co and Yibin, Gabriel and her girl also... Let's see if how the Munich Fruehlingsfest compares to this later when I get back...

I had my FIRST big ROLLER COASTER ride! I get to sit at the front. I want to try it again!!! Bwahaha! Oh manz.... It was exhilarating! We saw a couple of other rides that we wouldn't definitely see at all in Singapore but probably like in Japan or Malaysia. Dangerous and heart-gripping ones.... And of course, dizzy ones... Those that were out to make you puke... Ewwww..
Most importantly, there's food here. There's this thing called "Schokoladefruechte", basically means "chocolate fruits". I bought a banana dipped in thick chocolate, it was so so sweet! LOLX! Then there was an apple dipped in candy; pure candy. Huixian couldn't finish it. I doubt I could too. HAHA! To think she wanted to hold her stomach to buy one. Feuerwurst ('fire hotdog') tastes good too and there is roasted peanuts (gebrat Erdnuesse) and almonds (Mandeln)!

We stayed till late then we adjourned to a local typical German pub. Where they give out free peanuts at midnight and sparklers. Where we met this hapless man on his bachelors' night; yes he is getting married next week. He was made to buy underwears from the female customers in the pub!! haha... Yizhen and Gabriel's girlfriend were sporty enough to give him theirs for 20 bucks each. There is Ti Pin signing on the guy's T-shirt for Yizhen. Poor guy. And he said his wife is probably doing some other crazy thing as well.

It was hella day AND night.

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