Tuesday, April 17, 2007

120407 - The Mini-Gathering

That day we met up with a number of people. Zuerst there is Junwei and Weimin who came down all the way from Darmstadt to take a look at Munich. Junwei, of course I knew from my Deutschkurs and Immersion way back 2 yrs ago. But Weimin, I do not know. And guess what, probably our lives intertwined in ways more than I would have known: he is from Chinese High, in the class next door of mine, Hwa Chong, and he was my brother's senior for rugby in secondary school. Yes, JJ, if u ever read this, he is your senior in NS and in sec sch, no need to exclaim.... So I think that's why we hit it off quite well. Junwei staying in my room and Weimin in Chongwee's: paying it forward, the power of having contacts in different parts of the world, Germany per se :P

Then there is Jason Seah. Coming from Singapore, staying in Duelferstrasse as us. Just finished a test in NUS (yes I know it sounds crazy), hopped on a train, travelled 13 hours past the time zone transition, having a jet lag and still alive and kicking... I must say that was quite feat, don't you think?

Lastly Yucheng came over from Erlangen to meet his close friend, Jason. All the few of us had dinner together at this Hong Kong restaurant at Hohenzollernplatz. The food's superb, the atmosphere is really Chinese, and the boss's humour and hospitality and service flawless. There, we also met 3 other full-time students from Singapore - Keith, Melanie and another guy I cannot remember the name hehe paiseh....
The day ended with us drinking.... Apfelschorle.....At KFC..... Yes, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the very one....

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