Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A New Friend

Deutschkurs in the morning started out bland but turned out fun haha.. I guess everybody just needs a bit of warming up. Though it is the lower level of German class, I find that I might need the training from scratch after all. Though the understanding and reading were not so much of a problem, the speaking was. The best part was CW and I made a new friend from this Deutchkurs - Ernesto (first picture). He is Mexican, and is the youngest of EIGHT BROTHERS manz!

In the afternoon, 3 of us went to the Deutsches Museen trip organised by the orientation group in TUM. Deutsches Museen is situated at Isartor, where Isar is the river that runs through Munich. Deutschs Museen is not literally 'German Museum'. I would think it more like the Science Centre in Singapore, where lots of kids run around different faculties of the Museum, discovering things. There are over 55000 exhibits! Can you believe it? Exhibits are include full-sized airplanes, trains, telescopes and such.. Very educational and very big, therefore very tiring. Haha. But what differs is from Science Centre is interactivity; Science Centre is more so. There is just an overwhelming number of exhibits and lots of kids' hands-on. Kids would be exhilarated here with all sorts of technical and scientific faculties here. There are even some experts working ad-hoc - live specimens - in the last picture and NO they are not wax figures; walking, talking and thinking probably scientists.

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