Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Dinner in the house!

I have not met up with all of my WG mates yet except Martin, from the first dorm, a German Computer Engineering student from a Fachhochschule, and Lin Tao, a Beijing Chinese Masters student studying Life Science. Then there was Martina's boyfriend, and yes I haven't met Martina yet haha! Supposedly there is another Bulgarian lady who went back home for holidays. Hopefully I meet them in due time...

Xinli came over from Stuttgart to settle admin stuff and after a day's running around, Xinli and Chong Wee came over (from his dorm down at block 13) to have dinner with me. Well, we cooked fried rice! With minced meat, carrots, mushrooms, cabbage! What a meal! I had a heartful and fun (as you can see) meal indeed :P Oh and we had dessert as well, courtesy of Xinli.

I hope there would be more get-togethers like that; it's more fun overseas to have friends to come together and have fun..

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