Sunday, March 18, 2007

150307 - Arrival - The Longest Day

KLM plane sux!! For the Dutch airline lovers out there, I am so so sorry. The plane is old, is squeezy, with no personal entertainment... One thing is good though: they sure feed their passengers. We flew from Singapore to Germany, Munich and transited at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Throughout the 12 hour plus plus journey from 12 midnight in Singapore to 545am in Amsterdam and 840am in Munich, other than the stiff necks and crammed buttocks with no entertainment, I had 2 breakfasts and a small snack... CW's the best; he practically glued to his seat throughout the ENTIRE 11-hour flight from Singapore to Amsterdam *5 bodies bow down* (Chinese translation). But bo bian... We had a huge Caucasian man sitting at our aisle seat... and 2 very beautiful ladies in front of us...

After that all that plane thingy, we finally touched down in Munich in one piece. Back in Deutchland!

We decided CW to stay with Deen at Studentenstadt because of his luggage... Mine was only 21 kg, excluding handcarry. Hey I just thought I might have exceeded 30 kg with one luggage.... At least I know when I go back Singapore I would have 9 kg of space haha... So I lugged my stuff to Wilson's place at Olympisches Dorf before we set out for lunch. Yupz the Olympics 1972 was once held in those grounds. I guess the place that supposedly housed the athletes, now became the students' housing.
Anyway Wilson's place has a balcony that sees the BMW museum and factory. The Olympics Tower, which houses the Rock Museum ('Rock' as in the music genre not the one associated with geology or archaeology), and a rotating restaurant, is also in the vicinity. The night view is pretty good siahz... And that is Wilson's room in the night, without his host, only the tenant; Wilson was 'havoc-ing' at a pub. Tired, I decided to rest for the night. More Photos

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