Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of Sleep, Food and 'Heroes'

I was awoke by a sudden involuntary shudder. Wondering why it was so cold, I opened the balcony door (which was sealed) in my short-sleeved thin shirt and barefeet. A cold gust of wind greeted me with some white fluff.... And I sneezed. How melodramatic but yes it is true. And yes, it snowed, AGAIN and this time in torrents!! The whole street was covered in a layer of snow!

Cold breeds more metabolism and more hunger pangs which ultimately means more food.... Not that I am complaining *grinz* So after 3 pieces of breads all with Nutella, milk and one banana for breakfast, I went to a huge döner for lunch. Saw that döner in the photo - arguably the best döner in Munich *nod nod*... This döner is stuffed with chicken; not too salty and not too peppery, just PERFECT. Then you have lots of vegetables, all sorts of colours from purple to green salad and tomatoes. Topped that up with the mayonnaise, there you have it: the serving of TWO, not 1 but 2 big macs (the one in the photo is probably slightly less than half of original)!!! Isn't that just superb and all for 3 Euros. And a more wholesome meal of meat and vegetables and starch (bread) at that. Oh I shall have it again soon... *dreamy look*

Then I spent the day watching 'Heroes' at Deen's. Tell you what: I am hooked... Well, I am a big fan of the uncanny X-Men, so it is no wonder I guess... 'Heroes' simply cool.

Dinner was done at Deen's place again... Our chef of the day, CW, hard at work with the cabbages, corns and eggs. The eggs we always took for granted in Singapore cost nearly 2 SGD here for 10. And that's probably one of the cheapest you will ever get... Then I went back 1 hour later and... guess what: I had supper :P I just warmed up the pasta, added the tomato sauce with some olive oil and seasoning - voila, a warm sizzling supper on a cold cool night :P While enjoying more 'Heroes' episodes....

Bon Appetit und viel Spass!

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