Monday, March 26, 2007

Banking in Germany

Now I understood why Frau Verry was so amazed by Singapore's banking system. Because banking in Germany is not that fantastic. At all. Despite the free education, superb research facilities, efficient transport system, first-world country economics and all.... In short, banking in Germany sucks. Nothing compared to Singapore.

One week to open an account and obtain a card. A few days to start online banking officially. 2 weeks to do a bank draft in Euros. 6 weeks to be able to use that bloody amount of money which I don't know for 4 weeks what the hell is going on with the frozen asset. Disgusting. I am totally disgusted.

Thankfully at least I think my accommodation is most probably gonna work out by this Saturday. And hopefully, I really mean HOPEFULLY, I can take comfort in that.

But oh well, I guess it's part and parcel. Word of advice though: do telegraphic transfer even if it means paying a bit more, don't ever do bank draft unless you were here very early and you had money to spare. Or else TT is the way. Don't believe it when the IRO or the DBS cashier tells you bank draft is cheaper and you will get your money ultimately anyway. Yeah, you will get your money absolutely; it's just how long it's gonna take... Time or money, take your pick. Just don't end up with only less than 100 Euros in cash and 2 months more to your unfrozen assets...

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