Friday, March 30, 2007


Ok actually until now I haven't really shown Munich's places of interest, if you realise, because most of them I have already been to on the previous trip two years. We spent only like 2 days and it was really not really enough to cover all the places. So I will be probably be going to these places once in a while to catch up and tell in bits and pieces. Wouldn't wanna spend my money on the exhibits again though.

Today, I didn't do much. Was enjoying myself alone actually, just wondering around until I got a call that someone needs to rush to use the toilet to pangsai #?$%^& LOLX.... But never mind.

I visited Marienplatz today. Again. Like for the nth time. Haha. But well, it's the different feeling you get everytime you visit the place that discerns the visit everytime. This time round, alone, was relaxed. A kind of tourist, every-anew kindda feeling (although I have seen certain things like for the nth time). Anyway. Marienplatz is the main city square of Munich. One of the main shopping areas, other than Leopoldstrasse at Muenchener Freiheit (literally means "Munich people's freedom). First thing you see is the huge Hugo Boss boutique, which is pretty cool, because I got served by a pretty German babe, who also offered me pastries and drinks. Nice isn't it? Why don't they have these in Singapore? I was referring to both the food AND the person :P As usual, the famous fashion line churns out stylish menswear at the high end of the price spectrum. But seriously, the designs here are really neat.

Then there is the world-famous Glockenspiel (first picture above). This is an extremely overrated show, of an oversized cuckoo bird clock... Allow me to explain. Basically this is a clock tower, such that at 12 and don't-know-which-other-time the Glockenspiel will chime, and then there will be show of a joust between 2 knights of which the Bavarian knight will ALWAYS win. This whole show will reenact itself every single time the Glockenspiel chimes. It's worth the first try but not a second. Just wondering why all lot of the people taking photos down there might have seen it a few times already. It's so bloody high up somemore.... Cannot comprehend.

Then there is the Frauenkirche - Church of the Lady (last picture). A very prominent landmark of Marienplatz due to the twin towers. Most, if not all, the banks can be found in Marienplatz, and almost all the handphones shops. There is also the Viktuelienmarkt, which is a market that sells a legendary (according to the guidebook?!?!) variety of things. But I don't see anything very special from it... There is also the famous brewery Hofbrauehaus. This one will leave it for later days. This is one of the most happening places I have ever been to the other time I come. Haven't had time to go this time. Think maybe when all the others reach Munich and meet up we can go there?? *hint hint*

The whole Marienplatz is actually a very nice cobbled stoned compound. As you can see, people can actually lie down in the middle of thronging shoppers and enjoy the sun.... Also there are usually lots of cultural activities like these people wearing pink hats, or some stunmen or pianists and so on. These are very ubiquitous in Germany actually. Pretty nice I would say.

And Munich is so international, you wouldn't be surprised to see many people of different nationalities, in Marienplatz especially. That's when I realise, within a short span of 2 weeks, I have actually adapted almost fully to life in Germany, despite the language and probably aesthetic differences. Humans are such highly adaptable creatures, don't you think?

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