Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All-you-can-eat RIBS!

Asado. A Munich steak company. Wednesdays. After 1830. The unlimited SPARE RIBS.

It's not even buffet style. It's served, so you dun even have to walk out of your seats and a "Kann ich einen anderen Teller der Ribs bekommen bitte?" (Can I have another plate of ribs please?) and you have it!

Well I didn't eat as much as I intended to. It is nice at the start but it gets too salty as you eat more. But then again it's only 7.77 Euros for all-you-can-eat of those ribs *singaporeans**roll eyes*. Oh dun you just love the sight of food...

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lameX said...

spare ribs! i had that in delft too.. ard 8 euros too. guess european likes spare ribs buffet huh. I was like so happy to see that cos a good apple pie already cost me 4 euros! i think sooner or later u will be able to find more cheap deals ard, dun worry abt sending stuffs from spore! just source out there.. haha! have fun!! - xiji