Monday, March 19, 2007



Ok getting abit excited haha because it's my first time seeing snow... I actually wanted to stand out in the snow and wait for it to accumulate on my head then take photo. Then a gust of wind blew right in my face... I dropped the idea immediately - super cold siahz... Gloves are a must-have for the next few days.

Check out the Weisswurst!! Awww, don't they just look yummy and cute... Weisswurst = white sausages and they are pretty of a Munich thing. And they are so nice!! Yes, Xinli, Yizhen, Wilson and Ivan, it's the very same Ausgustiner am Dom manz!

Oh and Chongwee I think I know why the snow melts so easily on the ground: because this is ''wet'' snow. According to Jari, our Finnish friend, supposedly the ''cold'' snow are the ones that will accumulate and layer, the ''wet'' ones just become water. More Photos

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xin|i said...

kein Wunder, dass ich diese Weiß Wurst sofort erkennt habe! =)