Saturday, March 24, 2007

Our 2 Saviours

Today I decided to dedicate this entry to the 2 heroes that took me and CW when we had nowhere to go, in a foreign land, with foreign people (who took pictures of foreigners*#*#) speaking a foreign language that we could not really till now totally comprehend.... They taught, they helped and most importantly they gave.

*drum roll* We have Wilson (the one in Bob the Builder costume) and Deen (the one with the Sadako hairstyle oder Gorilla... or whatever you think it might be; WTF is that manz!). Ok ok no badmouthing.... Wilson is in his Ski wear (the inside) and Deen was playing poker at Jari's place.

Thanks to them, the homeless has a shelter and the abandoned warmth....
*applause**standing ovation*

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