Sunday, March 18, 2007

180307 - Sum of all 4 Days

Today basically is gaming sleeping chatting surfing again :P Wilson's back today so take this chance to keep using the Net.

Lunch was doener that Deen's finnish friend recommended near the OlyDorf I staying now. Put my German to the test again. haha... Still cmi siahz.... Oughta practise more I think...

Today is so warm AND windy. Yes particularly windy today. The wind blew a bicycle that was leaning against a lamppost down in the opposite direction it was leaning; no kidding. And the forecast mentioned SNOW in the coming week... oh I can't wait to see snow... I haven't seen one mahz...

Finally get down to blogging for all the 3 days that passed as well... Just one point: the photos on this blog are not total. Please click on the Photos link at the end of each post to look at all the photos. You all might wanna use the 'slideshow' function; it's pretty neat.

And the picture above is the Olympiaturm. Doesn't that remind you of some spaceport?

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