Friday, March 23, 2007

220307 - Regensburg

Jari, Maria, Yucheng, Brian, CW and me decided to take a little trip north of Munich, beyond the hustle of urban life, into a small little town called Regensburg.

What's so special about this town is it's preservation - it's not tainted by the destruction of WWII. So here, if you are looking for a little getaway from the world, just take your time looking through the cobblestoned alleys and wide streets, or take a sip of warm coffee while looking out at the detached tranquility around you. No rushing, no shuffling, no thronging; just moving.

But.... Please don't be like us, got rampaged by snow and cold while we go around searching for gold. Like real there is. LOLX. Literally, "rain fort", Regensburg' direct translation. But anyway, the whole city or town, is a very typical German town with the Plaetze (squares), cathedrals, and churches. There is the administrative centre and then shops flanked the sides of wide streets and small alleys. A river runs through the town, with a bridge, that got famous because it was the first bridge of its architecture and technology at that time. We went to the Dom (cathedral) which seems like a replica of the Cologne one we saw 2 years ago. The gothic Cologne one is the second largest cathedral in Europe and the biggest in Germany, so it's more magnificent. Provided a photo here for reference. And also a basilica. But you really have to marvel at the stained glasses, dark and hollow in one and dreamy ceilings, bright and pure contrasting the other, despite both being religious sacred grounds. IF you want to be awed, please visit Cologne's Dom. Photos

One weird incident happened while we were going back. A very young girl came up and snapped a photo of me!!!

Thanks.... I was too cold and too stunned to do anything; not that I could anyway *sianz* Felt some hella specimen: "Specimen catalogued: Chinese, found in Regensburg, Germany, March 2007. Black hair, black eyes." Thanks *roll eyes*...

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