Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Biking to Garching

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Garching is a little town by itself, about 12 km away from Studentenstadt. Which means simply, it is a VERY long way from Munich city centre. CW and I have the 'privilege' of having some, if not all, of our modules over at the super ulu place. So we decided to do some exploring in terms of means of transport, see whether we can reduce our transportation fees by cycling.

Starting from Studentenstadt, we started our journey...

Scenary along the way was superb. Maybe because it is so far, we passed by fields, farms, rural areas, streams and such. Nice weather topped it all up. The only things that were probably bugging us were our strained thighs and buttocks. CW hasn't ride a bike since his OCS days in the army and I haven't since my JC days. Knowing how to ride is not the main issue, riding is :(

But anyway, we reached there in one piece, found some of the locations of our lectures, so pretty much mission accomplished. The Garching Research Centre, as it is translated, really looks very much more like a research centre than an extension of the university itself. Secluded and tight security say it all. Check out the block that houses the faculties of Mathematics, Physics and Computer science. It reminds me of Singapore primary schools, but with a more high-tech edge. See the smooth curves? They actually are slides, fire escapes actually. Damn cool lahz!

We had a hard time figuring out how the room numbers work. But it worked out in the end.

Ultimately, we timed and it took us about 1 hour plus to Garching from Stustadt and another hour back - not worth it at all, considering the effort as well, just to save a few Euros. What's left in the end is to fill our growling stomachs.... For all the effort and muscle aches and hunger pangs, we ruled out biking as an option in the end. Smart choice I would say :P

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