Sunday, March 18, 2007

160307 - Accommodation Crisis!

CW and I received an email saying we need to send in our application for accommodation or else the pre-allocation it will be terminated. WTH! We sent 4 emails and the ONLY reply that came back was "Please be patient, we will be contact you soon with the details. Please do not be worried".... So much for not worrying...

Oh well, it turns out our studio apartments are new and clean. Quite nicely done when we visited it. The only thing is it's super far from the part of the university that we will be studying in, Garching. Probably will take us about an hour or so?!? Common kitchen and common bathroom, we were ok with it... The only thing I am quite not satisfied is that it is slapped in the middle of a construction yard; or rather slapped between its own construction.... Sianz... super sianz... But I think CW was a bit more peeved with the chucking around, because it felt as though we were being pushed all over the place...

Anyhow, we deserved a good dinner. So Deen, and his good friends from Finland (Jari, pronounced Yaa-ri) and Columbia (Maria), brought us to this Italian restaurant that sells pretty cheap and good food. Kewl... I needed the recharge manz.... And the ambience is cosy and warm. Just the PURRFECT place... Too bad Wilson's on a trip to Hamburg with his girlfriend who is having exchange in Sweden (Karolinska Institute)... Ok maybe it is not too bad for him since he is with his beau... tsk tsk... But it is definitely superb for me because I got the room to myself!
Check out that huge dog! I think Anton can fight with it... Anton's from my host family in Darmstadt or even Jag's black dog... But I think like what CW's said, this is gonna be one of millions of huge dogs I am gonna see in Munich haha... More Photos

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